Block Institute of Teacher Education (BITEs)


The government has identified 196 districts in the country which have high concentration of SC/ST and Minorities for setting up elementary pre-service teacher training institutions to ensure preparation of elementary school teachers from amongst persons from these communities. Every such district is eligible to set-up a Block Institute of Teacher Education (BITE) imparting elementary pre-service teacher education programmes (D.Ed.) which would ensure access to good quality teacher education facilities for rural and remote areas and facilitate the entry of talented persons, particularly from SC/ST and minority concentration areas. 196 SC/ST/Minorities concentration districts have been identified.

Role of BITEs in new scheme

  • Urgent need to set-up elementary pre-service training institutions to prepare elementary school teachers from among the persons from the community.
  • An existing elementary education institution can be upgraded into a BITE.
  • Explore possibility of using unused capacity in DIET for admitting eligible persons from minority communities.
  • Establish new BITE in a block other than the one where DIET is located, having highest concentration of the community.