From the Desk of the Director

As the Director of this premier institute of Research and Training, I extend a warm well-come to all from SIERT! This institute bears the onus to work for the enhancement of human and material resources in the arena of elementary education, including in-service training of teachers and administrators of the school education in the state of Rajasthan. We also stand for, framing of syllabi, text book development programme and the design of training modules, besides writing of literature for school children, under various educational schemes. We also lay ground work for various educational policies in the state and to conduct the critical and futuristic educational research.

There is no other divine thing synonymous to knowledge. Knowledge gives us understanding that leads to higher cognitive and linguistic capacities, which in turn fosters imagination and creativity. Learning of skills functions as the catalyst in the process. Education is an apprenticeship of life, an exercise and development of the powers of mind, the refinement of the heart and the discipline of the spirit.. The real objective of education is to give oneself, the resources that will endure as long as life endures, sustainability with sagacity, the power to be meticulous along with being judicious. In the light of above groundings, we at SIERT RAJASTHAN believe in imparting quality education to educators at various levels through pre- service orientations and in-service refresher courses.

The institute provides a compass of different methods for fresh ideas resulting in high quality of research and learning so that the products of our schools become the engines of development for the nation. As Dewey says,” "Education is not preparation for life, it is life itself" and that, “Life, including the vocations, should form the basic context for learning”, we at SIERT, RAJASTHAN believe in “learning by doing” and hands on experiences in our multidimensional activities like seminars, presentations, workshops, training sessions, that foster not only comprehensive understanding and critical evaluation but also a holistic approach to real life situations, thereby extending the periphery of the classroom teaching-learning situations.

Right to Education Act, 2009, has posed a greater functional role of the State Academic Authority in our functionality. Keeping pace with the ever increasing expectations of the society and the nation, along with the world as a global village, we endeavour to make our teachers and our students, individuals with dignity who are enthused with a genuine concern for the society, culture, nation and at large with humanity itself.

In its history spanning over three and a half decades, SIERT has done many pioneering tasks that have proven benchmarks across the educational world; the ultimate aim of all such works being to make the classroom experience more productive, dynamic and pleasurable. At SIERT, we believe in faring steadily to incorporate these aspects into the curriculum, assessment and training. As we wish to be the product of the wishes of the society, we look forward to your views, suggestions, cooperation and solicit your guidance in all respects, willing to be at service, to the nation, now and forever.

With warm regards,
Rukmani Riar