Institute of Advanced studies in Education (IASE)

The Institute of Advanced studies in Education (IASE) are centres of excellence that also work in the field of secondary education – both pre-service and in-service. In addition, they have the responsibility of conducting M.Ed., M. Phil and Ph.D. programmes for the preparation of teacher educators and may also conduct and pilot new teacher education programmes, such as the 4 – year integrated B. El. Ed. Course. Teacher education scheme has envisaged a renewed role for IASEs whereby their contribution would not be limited to teacher training but they will also evolve as regional resource centres.

Role of IASEs in the new scheme

IASEs are to perform following functions:

  • Pre-service Secondary teacher education programmes (B.Ed.)
  • Programme for preparing teacher educators (M.Ed.)
  • In-service training of teacher educators (Especially DIET faculty)
  • Short-term courses for teacher educators of CTEs.
  • Develop resource material for teachers and teacher educators.
  • Conduct advanced level fundamental and applied research and experimentation in education.
  • M. Phil and Ph.D. (Subject to availability of necessary faculty and facilities)

IASE would also set-up units/ centres to do research and material development in –

  • Curriculum Studies.
  • Pedagogic Studies.
  • Assessment and Evaluation.

IASE would also act as regional resource centre for various activities like

  • Development of curriculum and learning material.
  • Education Planning and Administration.
  • Development of modules for training of educational administrators.