The State institute Of Educational Research and Training, Rajasthan (S.I.E.R.T.) was established in Udaipur on 11th November 1978 for qualitative upliftment in the area of school education as recommended by Mahrotra Committee set by the Government of Rajasthan. Different state level units were functioning at different places (State Institute of Education, State Institute of Science Education, Evaluation Unit, Educational & Vocational Guidance Bureau ) were brought under one umbrella. This institute functions as an academic wing of Commissioner of Elementary and the Commissioner of Secondary Education, Rajasthan, Bikaner. It acts as an academic adviser to the Department of Secondary Education and to the Ministry of Education in the state. The Institute is administration working of Commissioner of Elementary Education from since January 2002.

SIERT is concerned with the academic aspect of school education including formation of curriculum, preparation of textbooks, teacher’s handbook and teaching training. The SIERT is located in Aravalli Hills Area largely dominated by tribal population. Endowed with rich cultural heritage, natural resources and beautiful landscape, Udaipur is a world renowned tourist attraction. The SIERT situated opposite to ‘SAHELION-KI-BADI’ (The garden of ‘Maids of Honour’)
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